What even is recruitment…

Recruitment is a challenging but fun sales orientated career which involves a lot of headhunting and networking. It tends to suit highly competitive, motivated people.  If you are determined, ambitious,  love talking (!) and enjoy competing you should love recruitment as a career.

At Xpertise, we support you from day 1 with developed training programmes and clearly defined career pathways where you can control your career based on your personal results rather than seniority.

If you’re interested in a role in recruitment, but still aren’t quite sure what it’s all about, listen to our consultants about what they do and how they started their journey in recruitment…

At Xpertise Recruitment we believe in “creating memories for life”

What do people say about recruitment? And why do they choose it as a career?

Trainee Recruitment Specialist – Public Sector, Ollie Moloney

” I chose recruitment as I wanted to enter an industry that is fast paced and has an attractive career progression. Xpertise gives me the platform to work in this environment and all the tools to succeed.”



Annie Moss, Recruitment Specialist, Xpertise Recruitment London 

“Recruitment isn’t just finding jobs for other people. It’s about learning to manage a bunch of different candidates at a time and developing real relationships with clients to create business opportunities for the future; it’s about juggling different roles with different companies all at once so that you can deliver a high-quality service every time; it’s mentoring those around you to help them develop professionally.”

The final question…why work for Xpertise Recruitment?

Jack Lawson, Head of Software Engineering, Xpertise Recruitment Derby  

“Xpertise is a rewarding, close knit team who love what they do. It can be highly rewarding to see a Junior consultant work their way up the ranks and achieve life goals, like buying a house, or a luxury holiday. Whatever it is, we share in the success of people’s hard work and seeing them achieve these milestones. I have never worked in an environment where each member of the business is aware of the other’s life goals and where they want to get to. This creates a unique culture.”


If this sounds like a bit of you, send us your CV, or pop us an email and we will get in touch with how you can start your journey with us.